Ghanaian actor, Kwame Borga, restless after unknowingly drinking weed-infused sobolo on set

Ghanaian actor, Kwame Borga, became restless and sought immediate medical attention after unknowingly drinking weed-infused sobolo belonging to someone while on set shooting a movie yesterday.

In the video which is going viral on the internet, the actor can be seen walking shirtless and complaining to his fellow actors and actresses that they need to send him to hospital because he is experiencing rapid heartbeats as a result of the ‘sobolo’ which is making him feel uncomfortable.

His colleagues took everything that he said as a joke while one of them recorded him.

Users of the microblogging site, X, trooped to the comment section to voice their concerns.

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See some of the comments below:

@Lechiboroni wrote: “Weed on set 🤨 such an interesting case abain 🙄😒”

@isaiahø928BC said: “The anxieties will be crazy 🤣🤣😹”

@J_McMensah suggested: “Nothing go do am, he just for sit, relax and drink lots of water…”

@NanaCwesi_ jokingly noted: “Fa mu dɛ😂”

@iamsolowise recounted: “I ate Indomie 170ghc the day I took some”

@michael_Jayson6 said: “that weed soobolo go belong to Kwadwo Nkansah and I’m sure Mr Beard😂 gave him vim”

Watch the video below:

video credit: Edhub

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