Newborn baby loses ear as mom pierces it after one week

Social media users are taking offense with a mother whose newborn baby almost loses her ears after having them pierced just one week after birth.

User @Jayclipstv posted the picture on the microblogging site X, bemoaning the condition of the baby’s ears.

He said that the unfavorable outcome was because the baby’s mother had pierced her ears a week after the baby was born.

Newborn baby loses ear as mom pierces it after one week

A small portion of the infant’s ear lobe was amputated due to an infection that developed from the piercing wound.

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See the post below:

See some of the reactions below:

@nashababi opined: “There’s nothing wrong w getting them done that early. She just wasn’t cleaning them and she should have. That’s the issue here…..”

@luvergirl88 reacted: “wtf. this has to be some form of child abuse”

@adeewunmi commented: “Ahhhhhhhh. I hope this girl will forgive her for destroying her ears”

@atlreignsfeet asked: “Why would the piercer pierce the babies ear at one week old. If the parents didn’t have sense enough to go through with this the person who did it should have informed them and turned them away”

@Vit0Genovese claimed: “This is caused by the mother not properly maintaining the piercing. You can tell by the residue on the earrings”

@MoneyshotX added: “First mistake not waiting until 3-4 months like most ppl second is after care. Some people shouldn’t be parents”

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