Baby born with 26 fingers referred to as goddess incarnate by her family

baby girl with up to 26 fingers was born in Bharatpur, Rajasthan, and her family referred to her as a “incarnation of goddess.”

She was born with six toes on each foot and seven fingers on each hand. The newborn represents the deity Dholagarh Devi in the eyes of her family.

But doctors have classified it as a genetic abnormality. While having 26 fingers is common, the situation is exceedingly unusual.

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The baby girl’s mother, 25-year-old Sarju Devi, gave birth to her when she was eight months pregnant.

“There is no harm of any kind in having 26 fingers but it is a genetic anomaly. The girl is absolutely healthy,” said Dr. BS Soni.

The baby is being celebrated by the family and is thought to be an incarnation of Dholagarh devi, according to the mother’s brother.

“We believe that the child my sister just gave birth to, who has 26 fingers, is Dholagarh Devi in a new body. We’re thrilled”,he said.

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