10 signs a guy has a crush on you

A guy will do absurd things that make you giggle when he has a crush on a woman. I’m not an exception to the rule that every male has at least one girl he’s crushing on. Let me now tell you a little tale about this girl I used to have a thing for in my early adolescence. She was among the most gorgeous girls I had seen at the time; she was just so stunning. I get nervous whenever I see her. If I told you that I had to walk kilometers to see her face, you would not believe me; Almost every day, I would circle her street several times simply to catch a glimpse of her face. The worst thing is that I never had the chance to speak with her, I never knew her name, and I did nothing foolish. But a guy can get affected like that by a crush.

The majority of the time, women are unaware when a man has feelings for them, yet there may be someone out there who is crushing on you and is just waiting for the right opportunity to approach you—something he wouldn’t do because there is never a perfect moment. Like me, he would wait for it indefinitely.

When a male has a crush on a woman, two things can happen. One is simply when he’s in the friend zone, which he despises (you should read why every guy despises the friend zone), and he doesn’t know how to tell you that he has anything for you. The second situation is when he isn’t even a buddy; perhaps in that scenario, he’s just that person on the block, similar to how I mentioned myself earlier.

I’ll thus offer you five indications that a friend has a crush on you and five indications that the guy who lives next door has a crush on you.

First, here are five indicators that a friend is crushing on you.

He wants to be with you all the time

Guys usually have a reason behind everything they do, so if you have a male buddy who always wants to get out with you, chances are good he has something special in mind for you. This is something you should record in the journal.

Questioning your friends a lot about you

Why should he only inquire about you? It’s not a coincidence, honey; he is into you, so why should it be just you that he wants to know about? In order to act appropriately to obtain you, he wants to know more about you.

Is there a man in your life? That’s what he wants to know

It could be an indication that he has a crush on you if he shows a strong interest in finding out if you are in a relationship or not. Or do you believe he only poses these queries in order to compile information about your life? Give it some thought.

He is aware of every detail about you

A guy who is crushing on you will take note of every little aspect about you. That’s what a crush can do to a guy: he’s been watching you, which is how he knows so much. However, he wouldn’t notice anything about you if he had little to nothing in common with you.

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His awkwardness amid you

When a man has a crush on a woman, he may overcommit to maintaining his composure, which might make him appear uncomfortable. That guy might simply be into you if he smiles or laughs awkwardly.

The next five signals are directed towards the males in your neighborhood who are crushing on you.

Personally staring

It’s possible that a guy in your neighborhood is attracted to you if he is constantly looking at you uncontrollably. Guys naturally gravitate toward girls they like, trying to communicate with their gaze.

Seeking a means of assistance

Yea, he always looks for a way to help you so that he can start that conversation or he keeps looking for cheap ways to talk to you; very cheap ones that are way too obvious.

His friends would also know

He would most definitely tell his friends about his crush for you and they also would join the staring game. Some might even worsen it by pointing at you whenever you walk pass them; whenever you walk pass them, there would be that side comment about you; if you notice this, then someone somewhere is crushing on you.

Always shows off around you

Ladies hate when a guy always tries to show off when they are around but guys don’t know this. To them, they are trying to impress that lady so she might fall for him. So, ladies, whenever you see a guy showing off with that car, phone or whatever then it’s a huge sign that he’s got a crush on you.

He’d always want to see you

If you notice that a person keeps running into you or that you seem to see him everywhere you go, it may not be a coincidence—the guy could be secretly stalking you. He is infatuated with you and craves your company constantly since it makes him feel wonderful to be around you.

Now that you are aware of these ten telltale indications, you should probably compensate me for my helpful advice. Guys may be quite strange and insane when they have a crush on a woman, and they do it too, ladies.

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