Why many women don’t feel like getting married today

Each year, more women are choosing to remain single. In fact, according to an American study, the percentage of married American women decreased from 74% to 56% between 2010 and 2022.

Why then do so many women today choose not to get married? Here are some of the causes:

Women like to marry financially stable and well-educated men

Because more women nowadays are successful, there are fewer guys to pick from because women naturally prefer to marry wealthy and educated men. These days, women are compelled to put off getting married or even forego it since there are simply not enough wealthy, educated males to match all the unmarried women.

Women Are Focusing More on Their Career

These days, women put off getting married or sometimes skip it altogether to focus on their careers. It can be difficult to combine marriage and a rigorous work, which has prompted many women in the past to put their careers on hold or choose less demanding careers. The number of women getting married is declining as women now place a greater emphasis on professional success.

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Successful Women Present a Danger to Many Men

The majority of males view strong, successful women as a threat; thus it should come as no surprise that fewer women are getting married as more women are becoming successful in society today. Strong and successful women can only be handled by real men, but there aren’t many of them around. A man cannot claim to be a real man if he feels threatened by a woman’s success.

Women Are Becoming Less Reliant on Men Financially

According to research by Na’ama Shenhav of the University of California, around 20% of the fall in the marriage rate can be attributed to women’s increasing incomes relative to men. In contrast to the past, when most women got married because they were financially dependent on men, the study claims that today’s women earn more than ever before, making marriage more based on feelings of love, social conventions, or the desire to create a family.

Fewer Marriageable Men Are Available Today

The percentage of males who are suitable for marriage is dropping, which is also contributing to the drop in the number of women getting married. These days, many women would rather be single and successful than be married to a man who isn’t marriageable because an increasing number of men are unemployed and without prospects.

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