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5 Fashion Facts That May Put Your Life in Danger

Fashion is so beautiful, but if you’re not careful, it might put you in danger.

Several of the fashion “norms” that we observe occasionally are not appropriate to follow.

These are few instances;

Large Handbags

The current fashion for large purses seems to be heavier ones, with more women opting for them. What many people are unaware of is that carrying that purse on one shoulder has a propensity to create a lot of strain and pressure on one shoulder, which over time can lead to postural issues.

Very Tight Jeans

Although skinny jeans are here to stay, wearing ones that are too tight can have some unfavourable repercussions. Low-rise styles may cause your pelvis to droop and put additional strain on your joints, which are the joints that join your sacrum to your ilium bones. It might result in lower back pain.

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Tight-Fitting Outfits

When your stomach is being subjected to a great deal of excess pressure that restricts your internal organs and makes digestion more difficult for your body to complete, wearing heavy duty body shaping pants can create problems like acid reflux and heartburn. In severe circumstances, it may even make it difficult for you to breathe.


Stilettos place a great deal of pressure on your bones and muscles, which over time may have an impact or hurt you. While you may not realise it right now, the way your feet are twisted in one might convince you otherwise.

Badly Fitting Bra

Every day, a significant number of women are seen wearing bras that don’t fit them properly. If the band scrapes against your breasts, if you can easily slide your fingers underneath it, or if your straps are continually pressing into your shoulders, you are wearing the incorrect size. Many back and postural issues might result from making this error daily.

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