Lady explains why she refused to marry the man she’s dating, seeks advice

When it comes to love, each and every one has different expectation, but most importantly, gratification is one of the problems partners or couples face in relationship or marriage.

Some ladies will want their man to man up and take absolute control of the relationship or marriage. A lady has revealed why she refused to accept the proposal of the man she was dating. She gave numerous reasons for refusing to become the wife of her boyfriend.

In a post she wrote, “My boyfriend proposed to me in a public place so I accepted the ring. I had the intention of returning the ring the same day but I kind of like it so I held onto it. I then sent him a text to explain to him that I can’t marry him for some reasons and I want to return his ring and all. The problem is, he has refused to let me go. He showed up at my workplace to beg me and ask other people to talk to me. He cried like a woman and begged like a girl.”

During our romantic moments, I like to be handled rough since all my life I have lived everything rough. When I told him how I wanted to be treated, he told me I need to be delivered.

I seem to like guys with nauseating attitudes. Now I’m always afraid to leave home because he may be standing outside my house. Even work and everywhere. He has a good job but I’m tired of him acting like a wussy, despite the fact that he has other girls on him. The issue is my main boyfriend is coming from the states and I don’t want him to meet this mess on ground. He is a really tough guy and I don’t want issues. How can I discard this guy as he has outrun his usefulness and I’m getting really pissed by all this display of embarrassment he is causing me. I am getting so angry. Please advise me.”
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