Here are common errors students make in English and their corrections

Have you ever wondered you wrote a sentence or made a statement in English and you felt it was incorrect? English is a language which is very dynamic, and it follows certain rules. Before one is very sure about what is spoken or written in English is correct, he or she needs to follows the rules that govern it to avoid errors or mistakes.

This article seeks to show some of the common mistakes we make in English and their corrections.

  1. Don’t say: Repeat what you said again

Say: Repeat what you said or say what you said again

2. Don’t say: Ben, return back here.

Say: Ben, come back here or Ben, return or Ben, turn back here

3. Don’t say: As I said earlier on

Say: As I said earlier or As I said early on

4. Don’t say: Since from October he didn’t come back again

Say: Since October he didn’t come back again

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5. Don’t say: To who is this car for?

Say: To whom is this car for?

Note: A preposition should always be followed by whom

6. Don’t say: I have get a new book

Say: I have gotten a new book

Note: When you use the auxiliary verb have or has, your main verb should be in the past participle form

7. Don’t say: There are many peoples in the market

Say: There are many people in the market

Note: The word ‘people’ is already in the plural form

8. Don’t say: The police is coming

Say: The police are coming

9. Don’t say: Baba and me are friends

Say: Baba and I are friends

10. Don’t say: The soldier man has ceased my father’s car

Say: The soldier man has seized my father’s car

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