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Interesting universal secret language of babies and their meaning [VIDEO]

Most mothers -to-be focus on pregnancy and the birth of their babies. After their baby comes home, they have a new set of challenges.

New mothers always find it difficult trying to figure out what is actually wrong with their babies when they’re crying or making sounds, and that makes them feel emotional.

At first, they may not know how to interpret their baby’s cry, but one of the ways of controlling these issues is usually trying to calm your infant. If your baby is continuously fretful and fussy, cries for long periods or very suddenly, or has a cry that sounds unusual, you may assume it to be a sign of illness, but here are examples of five (5) universal sounds or cries babies make and what they actually mean according to Priscilla Dunstan which will be very useful to parents.

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  1. “NEH”- which means the baby is hungry.
  2. “OWH”- which means the baby is feeling sleepy.
  3. “HEH”- which means the is having a discomfort 
  4. “EAIR”- which means the baby is releasing gas from its musculus sphincter ani
  5. “EH”- which means the baby is burping 

This video was shared by Lerocque on his official YouTube channel. Watch video below;

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