How to request for eSIM

For purposes other than initial setup and transfer of your number and plan, an embedded SIM card, also known as an eSIM, is a digital replica of the SIM card that is located on the motherboard of the phone. Similar to a physical SIM card, an eSIM activates by installing the “eSIM profile” on a device that supports eSIM. eSIM performs the same functions as a standard SIM card. When it comes to how they work, there aren’t many distinctions between them and regular SIM cards. Principal benefit is the reduction in size.

How to sign up for E-Sim

Customers can check for device compatibility with eSIM by dialing the short code *#06# and the barcodes will display EID numbers confirming the device is compatible. If no EID is displayed, this means the device is not eSIM compatible.

In your web browser type

  1. Enter your phone number
  2. Tap request OTP code
  3. Type it and follow the on-screen process
  4. A QR code will be sent to your email
  5. Scan it within your Sim settings under eSIM

That’s all, but note it might take up to about 12 to 24hr for your service to be restored since it is a new sim.

NOTE: If your device isn’t an eSIM compatible do not request because your actual SIM card

which is the physical SIM card will be deactivated for your eSIM to work.

Click here to check out the list of compatible devices that support the eSIM



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