How to convert Word document to PDF without software will demonstrate in this article how simple it is to convert a Word document to a PDF without the aid of converter software. To convert word documents to PDF on a computer, the majority of people use file converter software.

According to a post seen by, some users use online file converters to convert their documents. Certain online file converters have the ability to infect your document with viruses once it has been converted to PDF.

Technology is a helpful tool, but a hazardous master, according to tech fanatic Lartey Benjamin. He also said that many software developers have created a lot of applications for document conversion to PDF, both with and without the use of the internet, thanks to technology.

How to convert Word document to PDF without software
How to convert Word document to PDF without software

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Did you know that you can use Microsoft Word on your computer to convert a Word document to a PDF? You can convert a document to a PDF without installing any conversion software or uploading it online.

Most people only convert their word documents to pdf files in order to prevent formatting issues while opening them on multiple computers. The majority of people additionally convert their documents to pdf in order to prevent easy alteration by a second or third party when sending.

Let’s take a quick look at how to convert a word document to pdf without a software. Follow the steps below.

How to create a PDF from a Word document

  • Open the word document you want to convert on your computer.
  • In the menu bar, select File.
  • scroll down, then select Export.
  • Click Generate PDF/XPS now.
  • Now you can alter the File name and select “Publish”

As easy as abc right? Go through our articles and learn a lot of things you find difficulty in doing.

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