Long-Distance Kissing Gadget Invented in China [+Photos]

Chinese virtual entertainment consumers have been buzzing about a spectacular “kissing gadget” developed by a college in their country. Customers have replied with interest and horror.

According to recent reports, the Changzhou Professional Organization of Mechatronic Innovation has granted a licence for the innovation. The device is marketed as a way for long-distance couples to experience “real” physical connection.

The unique “kissing gadget” with silicone lips is equipped with pressure sensors and actuators, as the power source indicates. By mimicking the tension, growth, and temperature of a client’s lips, it is intended to have the capability of reflecting an actual kiss. The device can communicate the client’s sound in addition to the kissing motion.

Long-Distance Kissing Gadget Invented in China

Customers only need to download a mobile app and plug the device into the phone’s charging port to use the device. After the device and the other person have been matched in the app, they can start a video call and send each other copies of their kisses.

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Jiang Zhongli, the principal architect of the scheme, spoke to China’s state-run Overseas Times and stated, “In my college, I was in a distance relationship with my better half thus we just had phone contact. It is the origin of the inspiration for this device.”

The power source claims that Jiang applied for a patent in 2019 but that it expired in January 2023. He currently has faith that someone who is enthusiastic about this device will develop and carry out the idea.

Long-Distance Kissing Gadget Invented in China

In the interim, the device has generated some buzz on the Chinese Weibo social media platform for entertainment. While some customers found the device to be amusing, others criticised it as “profane” and “unpleasant.”

Some others even expressed concerns about children being able to purchase and use it. Contact with one client revealed, “I don’t have the foggiest clue (about the device), nevertheless I’m utterly surprised.

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