Important Tips for Safeguarding the TM1 Laptop

The manufacturer and distributor of the TM1 laptops, KA Technologies, made laptops called Teacher Mate 1 Laptops (TM1 Laptop) specifically for Ghanaian teachers. At the moment, teachers at the second cycle level and basic school level have received more than 200,000 laptops.

Public teachers across the country should be aware that the laptops were not designed to be used for graphic design, gaming, or complex software because those are not its best uses, but specifically lesson preparation and lesson delivery.

ICT experts of the Ghana Education Service (GES) have outlined some preventative measures to keep the customized laptops longer without developing any faults, some teachers who have received the laptops are divided about the quality of the laptops intended to be used for teaching and learning in the classroom.
Let’s take a quick look at how we can take a good care of the laptop for long lasting.

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Below is a list of them;

  • The Microsoft Office is an authentic product that was purchased for you with a license key; its price is more than the laptop itself, thus it should never be uninstalled in favor of another one.
  • The Windows Operating System is also a real one, so formatting or replacing it should never be done.
  • The Windows Operating System can be upgraded to Windows 11 when connected to the internet.
  • If you experience a hardware issue with the laptop, don’t open the rear case hastily to look for the hardware components; instead, report the issue to your KA Technologies service center in your region. CLICK HERE TO CHECK LIST OF KA TECHNOLOGIES SERVICE CENTERS ACROSS THE COUNTRY.
  • Because only compatible apps can be loaded on the laptop, installation of applications should be done with caution.
  • Please refrain from installing games with higher graphics or resolutions because the laptop is not a gaming computer.
  • iPhone users finding it difficult to connect their hotspot to the laptop should change the name of the iPhone and it will be connected successfully.
  • Occasionally the sound of the laptop will be muted, making users to feel uncomfortable. DOWNLOAD THE SOUND DRIVERS FOR THE LAPTOP HERE
  • The laptop is made of plastic, so users should handle with care to prevent it from falling.

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