Ghana Health Service responds to the upsurge in the new cases of global Covid-19 situation

A formal declaration from the management of Ghana Health Service, bearing the reference number GHS/DGS and dated January 1, 2023, outlines Ghana’s response to the present global Covid-19 issue.

According to the service, Covid-19 instances in Ghana have been declining and remaining at low levels for the previous three months. A significant threat to importation and a fresh outbreak of Covid-19 infection is posed by the worldwide scenario, notably with the reported rise in new cases in China and other nations as well as Ghana’s very poor vaccination coverage.

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To prevent subsequent outbreaks, the situation necessitates tightening and revising current security measures. In cooperation with important stakeholders, the Ghana Health Service and Ministry of Health are closely monitoring the situation. They will soon release their country-specific strategies to combat the present Covid-19 threat, particularly with regard to importation.

They want to take advantage of this chance to persuade all Ghanaians who haven’t gotten the Covid-19 immunization to do so. The second dose is to be taken by those who have already taken the first dose, and the booster is to be taken by those who have already taken the second dose. The best defense against Covid-19 infection is still vaccination.

Observe the statement below;

Image credit: GHS



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