CAGD will increase its educational initiatives for processing salaries

This year, the Controller and Accountant-Department General’s (CAGD) will step up its salary processing education efforts to encourage employees who have issues about their pay to seek assistance from the proper authorities.

Additionally, the agency will improve customer access to its offices and raise awareness to dispel misunderstandings among the general public.


At a thanksgiving ceremony, nine lessons, and carols held at the CAGD office in Accra, the Controller and Accountant-General, Kwasi Kwaning-Bosompem, said this and added that his office also worked to build a closer bond between management and personnel in order to enhance institutional discourse.

“As we move into 2023, we’ll improve service delivery for the good of all parties involved. We want to increase the department’s accessibility for our clients, and we won’t stop educating and raising awareness about it to dispel public prejudices, he said.

The department hosts the event every year to provide the workers a chance to contemplate and express appreciation to God. It has been formalized by the CAGD.

It also gives the department’s workers a chance to soberly consider their years’ worth of work and pray for God’s guidance for the upcoming one.

Gratitude, according to Mr. Kwaning-Bosompem, is one of the simplest but most powerful methods to raise spirits and foster a supportive and productive workplace environment.

He claimed that the occasion always exhibited the department’s sense of interconnectedness, cohesion of purpose, and love for one another as a large family.


Therefore, he encouraged everyone on staff to be selfless in the performance of their individual and collective obligations by prioritizing clients, acting honorably, and supporting the numerous reforms being championed by the department. Our basic values of prioritizing consumers, serving the entire nation, acting with integrity, valuing people, and pursuing continual innovation have been fiercely maintained.

“A corporate identity based on a positive work culture is one of the ways the CAGD can positively affect the impressions and opinions of our stakeholders,” he stated.

The CAGD, he claimed, was determined to spread awareness this year in order to dispel long-standing misconceptions about the organization and its work.

In keeping with its mission to provide public financial management services to the government and the general public through effective, knowledgeable, motivated, and dedicated staff, using the most suitable technology, Mr. Kwaning-Bosompem indicated that the CAGD would continue to strive for excellent service delivery.

“We also keep pushing for the creation of effective accounting systems in all government agencies. We won’t support the practice of conducting official business outside of Ghana’s Integrated Financial Management System (GIFMIS). It’s against the law to do that, he stated.

We have created an operational manual to help covered firms handle their bank accounts, he continued.

In order to clarify, Mr. Kwaning-Bosompem cited Section 51 of the Public and Financial Management Act, 2016 (Act 921) as saying it provided the legal basis for covered bodies to manage bank accounts.

He said that the introduction of other reforms, such as GIFMIS and Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) systems, as well as the expanded scope of public financial management reporting, which now includes all sources of public funds, made the manual more pertinent.


He clarified that the manual’s main goals were to protect public funds, enhance service delivery to covered organizations, and make it easier to prepare accurate financial reports at both the entity and national levels.

The Treasury, Payroll, Audit and Investigation, Administration, and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) divisions of the department, among others, were thanked by the Controller and Accountant-General for their professional distinction in carrying out their responsibilities.



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