10 hidden iPhone hacks that customers are unaware of

In general, iPhone users are happier, more outgoing, and more daring. In our region of the world, the majority of smartphone users take pleasure in using their devices because of the status associated with being a “iPhone user,” the ability to capture good photos without fully understanding what the device is capable of, and some simple phone hacks. Let’s quickly review ten hidden iPhone hacks that the majority of users are not aware of.

1. You may prevent repeatedly pushing the back button when inside an app by holding it down for a long period of time.

2. When you adjust the volume, a dialog box that appears can be interacted with.

3. By touching once with three fingers, you can display a toolbar with undo/redo/copy/paste options.

4. You can undo and redo by using three fingers to swipe left and right.

5. You may move the edit cursor by pressing and holding the spacebar while dragging the cursor.

6. By holding down the timer symbol in the control center for a long time, you can swiftly start a countdown.

7. By swiping on the bar at the bottom of your phone, you can change between the most recently used apps.

8. Go to “Settings > App Store” and remove “In-App Ratings & Reviews” to stop receiving unsolicited App Review Requests.

9. To access your camera from the lock screen, swipe left.

10. You can create text shortcuts for frequently performed actions like:

Select Text Replacement under Settings > General > Keyboard.

I use:

For example, my private email address is @@, my work email address is @@, my @feedbin email address is @@, and my phone number is,##.


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