Here are the steps to safely secure your Twitter account

You might have received a notice requesting you to switch to a different login method if you have been using text message two-factor authentication (2FA) for Twitter.

This is due to Twitter beginning to charge for the functionality as part of its $8 monthly Blue subscription. But, there are alternative free options for protecting your Twitter account, and the company’s decision to stop supporting SMS 2FA for users who don’t subscribe to Blue is a good reminder to do so.

Hackers may capture verification codes received through text message or phone call by tricking your mobile carrier into giving them your number, making SMS 2FA vulnerable to SIM-swapping attacks. Thankfully, in addition to SMS 2FA, Twitter users have free access to additional security measures to safeguard their accounts. Relying only on SMS 2FA may not be the best solution for account security, as the recent decision to withdraw the service for non-Blue members serves as a reminder.

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You may secure your Twitter account by using authentication tools like Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, and Authy.

Your mobile device will have the authentication software installed in order to create a security code and protect your Twitter account. They will give you backup codes that you can use to retrieve your account in the event that your phone is lost or stolen after you authenticate on Twitter using the app.

Here are the steps;

1) Download any authentication app

2) Open twitter and select settings and support

2) Select Settings and Privacy

3) Proceed with Security and account access

4) Click Security and choose Two-factor authentication

5) Enable the authentication app

6) Set your password and paste the code the authentication app generated.

7) Copy and Save the back codes given by twitter

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