New WhatsApp scam WhatsApp users need to be aware of

People with WhatsApp accounts who have not activated two-step verification have been hacked recently through a scam, and their WhatsApp are sending some links when online.

Please do not click on these purported “Netflix” and “Amazon” links, it’s a scam to get access to all useful information on your phone.

Once you click on the link, your WhatsApp will start sending the same link once you are online to your contacts and groups which will also make them vulnerable.

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How to deal with this if you have fallen a victim

  • Go to settings
  • Go to Apps
  • Check for the App without a name, about 1.5MB
  • Click and uninstall that app

If you do not uninstall, anytime you are online it will keep sending the links to all your groups and contacts.

Please be guided, don’t just be clicking on any link you see without knowing exactly what it entails!

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