How to block obnoxious pop-up ads on your Android smartphone

Pop-up ads are a common issue with the majority of mobile devices, regardless of the operating system. The majority of the time, programs that are installed on your device are the problem. If you’re unsure of how to get rid of pop-up ads on your Android phone, I can help.

Whether you want to stop specific advertising or get rid of them all, this guide will show you how to disable pop-up ads on Android phones. We’ll also address some of the most frequently asked queries about pop-up notifications on Android smartphones.

1. Access the settings on your phone.

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2. Go to “Apps & Notifications,” hit “Advanced,” and then select “Special App Access.”

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3. Select “Display” from among other programs. You’ll see a list of all the apps that have the ability to display pop-up advertisements.

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4. Look through the list of apps to see if there are any that you don’t want to receive pop-up notifications from or that seem fishy. Toggle the “Allow display over other apps” button to the “Off” position by tapping the app’s name.

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