How to apply for MTN eSIM service in Ghana

A digital SIM card called eSIM, often referred to as embedded or electronic SIM, has been introduced by MTN Ghana. It is a chip that is incorporated at the point of manufacture into a mobile phone, wristband, or tablet device to assist in connecting to your network provider.

The “eSIM profile” must be installed on an eSIM-enabled device in order to activate the eSIM, unlike a physical SIM card, which performs the identical functions.

Both Pay-As-You-Go (Prepaid) and Postpaid individual and business subscribers can use the eSIM. Consumers whose phone numbers are already registered with MTN will have them upgraded to eSIM.

Using the Ghana Card, new subscribers would go through the standard registration process and have their biometric information taken. Upon successful activation, a complimentary 10GB one-time non-expiring data bundle is included with every new eSIM activation.

How to apply for MTN eSIM service in Ghana
How to apply for MTN eSIM service in Ghana

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In keeping with MTN’s mission “to lead the delivery of a bold, new digital world to its clients,” the introduction of eSIM will help the company achieve its Ambition 2025 goals. Customers’ access to various devices that support eSIM will be made possible by the eSIM, which will also improve customer experience.

MTN Nigeria was testing its eSIM product in the country’s market in 2020. In 2022, Ghanaian consumers will have access to the same product.

Without using the current SIM card logistics, it provides subscriptions for millions of new devices. Also, it will improve the user experience by providing their new gadget with quick connectivity.

How to sign up for MTN’s eSIM service in Ghana

Please follow the instructions below to determine whether your gadget or smartphone supports eSim (CLICK HERE TO CHECK WHETHER YOUR PHONE SUPPORTS ESIM);

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