11 people are thought killed and others are hurt in the collision at Asutifi South

After a horrifying catastrophe at Ata ne Ata in the Asutifi South District of the Ahafo Region, eleven people have been confirmed dead.

On the Hwidiem-Goaso highway, there is a farming settlement called Ata ne Ata. According to reports, the incident happened on Saturday at 7:00 p.m.

According to eyewitness accounts, 10 of the victims passed away immediately, while the remaining victims died while seeking medical attention at the St. Elizabeth Catholic Hospital in Hwidiem.

According to graphic online reports, the disaster happened when a tricycle at Ata ne Ata tried to pass another one while carrying the victims and some bags of ginger.

Enerst Karim, an assemblyman from Wuramuso, claimed in an interview with Graphic that a trike that was trying to pass another tricycle crashed, spilling its riders as well as some bags of ginger onto the middle of the road.

Mr. Karim continued by saying that a KIA truck coming from the Goaso side of the road plowed into the people, instantly killing 10 of them and injuring others.

The St. Elizabeth Catholic Hospital at Hwidiem is also treating four additional patients who are in severe condition. He claimed that the victims, who were largely from Nkaseim, Kwamo, and Ohiatua and were between the ages of 11 and 17, were returning from the hamlet of Obengkrom, where they had gone to collect ginger.



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