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Young don is Islamophobic, See blasphemous comments he made about the Prophet Mohammed

Religion often involves cultural beliefs, worldviews, texts, prophecies, revelations, and morals that have spiritual meaning to members of the particular faith, and it can encompass a range of practices, including sermons, rituals, prayer, meditation, holy places, symbols, trances, and feasts.

Religion has been the cause of a great many wars in the past, and it is no different now. It is nice to try to think that humans are different now and that we can make peace with one another, but the sad truth is that humans are destined to destroy one another.

When it comes to religion, each and everyone has his or her own beliefs and it is very necessary one understands and respects the other. It is very absurd when a group of people have this perception about Islam or Moslems as being belligerent. Some even go to the extent of speaking ill of the Prophet Mohammed. 

Jamaican musician; Young Don the Sauce God, born on December 29, 1994 has made some blasphemous comments and wild allegations about Prophet Mohammed which has set tongues wagging. 

“The person who invented the religion raped a nine year old girl. This is a fact. He married a girl at six years old and he consummated the marriage at nine, that is rape. Anybody that wants to try and tell me that a nine girl can have a consensual s*x with a 53 year old man; you’re sick!” He said in a video.

This has made some Moslems to also ask about the age of Virgin Mary before she was betrothed to Joseph.

The video was shared by coryphaeus on his YouTube channel. 

Watch video below;



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