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Man left traumatized after wife of 28 years left him for another man [VIDEO] 

‘Fear woman’ has become a popular watchword netizens use on social media,  especially twitter. Netizens coined the term as a result of ladies who cheated and broke the hearts of the guys or men who showed them genuine love and care. Some netizens believe that women are born cheaters, and they will cheat no matter how you care and treat them.

An old man aged 68 years old has shared his ordeal on how his wife of twenty eight (28) years ditched him for another man.

“Um, without a question that will be waking up in the hospital after being married for 28 years and your wife’s gone. She’d run off with another man. I was in there for back surgery, but I didn’t know she was already seeing someone else and it was a shock. It was um something I wasn’t aware of. I hadn’t even had the imagination that that would happen after being married for 28 years. That wasn’t the bad part, it’s just being blindsided and not realizing the groundwork that was being taken place. She was getting the post office post, selling my house and I went from  having a house on the golf course, a house on the beach, in the gulf shores to no house at all. And um, basically the Alabama lawyer put me on the street without anything that I worked all my life for. And now I’m 68, um I wish I’d made better plans. Reminds me of something told me one time, “You save money, so money can save you.” I didn’t make any preparations at all for that. If anybody is watching this, that can learn from my mistake, I hope they do. 

He said when asked about his worst experience he’s ever had 

Watch video below;



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