Teachers now teach students to perform miracles and speak in tongues – Chairman Coka

Odeneho Kwaku Appiah, better known as Chairman Coka, has claimed teachers now teach students to perform miracles and speak in tongues. The prominent figure in the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has voiced his displeasure with developments in basic schools across the nation.

He claims that the requirement for students to spend more time in worship has an impact on their ability to produce quality work. His concern stems from the fact that these students are being taught how to pray in tongues, among other things, which he feels is inappropriate. 

In a social media post, Chairman Coka revealed this and chastised the Director General of the Ghana Education Service for telling teachers that parents enrolled their children in school to learn, not to do church duties.

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Dear DG for GES,

Sir, l have some observations in some of our basic level education (Primary and JHS schools) of which I need to draw your attention to.

Sir, please ask your district supervisors to visit some of the Primary and JHS schools in their respective districts on Mondays through Fridays and they will see that some of the school worship time takes “more hours” than expected. The supposed short worshiping time is now seen and use for rehearsals for school children speaking in tongues, shouting, crying, praying, singing, falling down and the likes.

DG, please tell those teachers to maximize the school contact hours, we send our children to school to go and learn, not to do church service for longer hours. Thank you, Sir. Coka, l care.

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