Regarding the NPP’s “breaking the 8” agenda, Chairman Wontumi offers an unusual compromise

Bernard Antwi Boasiako, also known as Chairman Wontumi, the regional chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Ashanti, has claimed that history is against the party’s objective of “Breaking the 8,” which aims to keep the party in power until the election of 2024.

At the three-day camp conference of the Tertiary Student Confederacy (TESCON), which included representatives from all 58 tertiary schools, Chairman Wontumi declared that “history is against our agenda” because no political party in Ghana had held office for more than two terms since 1992.

According to him, achieving the party’s plan for the election of 2024 will take extra strategy and a hardworking approach from all members and different professional groupings inside the party. “Breaking the 8” involves both words and deeds.

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All TESCON members in the nation were urged by Chairman Wontumi to obtain a copy of the Ghana card, which is one of the party’s electoral-winning strategies.

“You frequently advise others to “break the 8,” but you lack a Ghana Card. How are we going to win the 2024 election without you having a Ghana card? Being a TESCON member without a Ghana Card indicates that you are not prepared for power. Gaining a Ghana card is the first step in a process that continues through the ensuing years before the final action on election day, the speaker emphasized.

To ensure the NPP government’s success, he urged all party members and other supporters to tout the party’s accomplishments in the area of infrastructure.

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