New Bawku confrontations result in 7 deaths

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Over the weekend, additional violent conflicts in Bawku claimed seven lives. According to graphic online sources, the most recent event was precipitated by the suspected shooting death of an elderly man last Saturday in the Seenateng neighborhood of Bawku.

His son is currently responding to treatment at the Vineyard Hospital after also being shot severely during the incident.

After the old man’s passing, which later went viral, there were sporadic shootings in different parts of the town that resulted in the deaths of four additional people.

Two more people died as a consequence of the gunfire that continued Sunday, increasing the total to seven.

On Sunday, the town’s market day, the unrest and random gunfire shut down business operations.

A local claimed that traders were unable to convey their farm products and other goods to the town for sale from neighboring districts like Pusiga, Bawku West, Garu, and Tempane, among others.

When the traders learned about the sporadic firing, they looked to have given up on the idea of visiting the bustling Bawku Market.

According to the source, there aren’t many individuals doing anything in the vicinity of the Highways area heading toward the Bolnaba businesses right now.

Sadly, the insider continued, “there has been no action in the Prisons area through the police station area towards the main township.”

The town’s conductor was destroyed by the occasional shooting, which also affected the power supply to Bittou in Burkina Faso and Dapongo in Togo as well as Pusiga, Garu, Gambaga, Nalerigu, Bunkprugu, and its surroundings.

The Ghana Grid Company and Northern Electricity Distribution Company sent a crew to the location to address the issue.



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