Video of two policewomen extorting money from a truck driver whiles on duty goes viral

There is a video online showing two policewomen extorting cash from a truck driver.

In a brief video that stumbled upon, two policewomen approached an unidentified truck driver and asked him for money in an unprofessional manner. Instead of successfully carrying out their responsibilities, the policewomen take advantage of the situation to demand money from the truck driver.

According to the footage, the motorist begged the policewomen to let him pass after paying them GH5 because the situation of the economy prevented him from having enough cash on him.

He was warned by the policewomen to add something more or they would take him to the charge office. Later, before they let him leave, he contributed the amount of ghc20.

However, one of the unidentified policewomen had the name “Ackah” embossed on her uniform.

Because the Ghanaian government has made fighting corruption a priority, I trust this situation would be looked into.

watch the video here



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