Teacher shares endearing letter from student after vacation

A teacher at a secondary school recounts the touching note and token she received from a pupil after the holidays.

Using the social media medium, the educator known as Adaobi Amadi on Twitter (X) revealed how her student greeted her upon returning to class.

She reported that one of her students gave her a hug upon returning to work and then placed a note into her hand.

Adaobi Amadi

Teacher Adaobi Amadi stated that she was so busy at the time that she didn’t have time to read the memo.

When she did, she discovered three hundred naira between the sheet and a heartfelt note.

The student wrote a note wishing the teacher a happy Resumption Day and prayed for the teacher’s well-being.

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Adaobi Amadi expressed her gratitude for the gesture, but she thought about returning the money to the child because her family isn’t very wealthy and it might have covered her transportation costs.

The letter

The instructor shared the post and wrote…

“Earlier today, a student slipped this folded note into my hand after giving me a hug. I was very busy at the time so I didn’t open it. I just put it in my bag and later forgot about it. I was checking my bag now, saw the note and opened it. It’s such a beautiful gesture… but I’m thinking to return the money (with a little extra ofcourse). She’s not a ‘rich kid’ and this might have been her transport money or something. But I’m wondering… wouldn’t it hurt her feelings if I return it? Also, wouldn’t adding extra make other students think this might be a potential money doubling scheme for them to cash out from?😩😄What to do?”

See her tweet below;

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