Soldier cries as his four-year relationship with his fellow soldier fiancée ends [video]

Following a rumoured breakup with his fiancée, who is also a soldier, a man, who appeared to be clad in a military uniform and was thought to be a military personnel, was seen crying in a video.

“Four years of a relationship, can’t believe this”, reads the caption of the recently circulated video, which features the young man crying. You continue to hurt my heart despite all of your assurances.

However, after seeing a military commander in tears as a result of a broken romantic relationship with a woman, many people flocked to the comment section of the video to voice their opinions.

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Here are some of the reactions below:

symply.priscy: “Aaaaaah military breakfast.”

viber_dc: “Soldier they chop breakfast who con be me.”

claybayartistry: “If woman fit treat the f*ck of of a soldier, tell me who you be wey woman no fit kick you ass.”

toke___mii: “Na una too get this discussion na soldier vs soldier matter.”

endylight1: “I am even crying on his behalf, reason is because he forgot that breakfast can only be delayed but cannot be denied.”

electrobreakers: “Soldier man self dey collect, who come be bloody civilian?”

iamyungruff: “If Military man dit cry then who I be? Abeg.”

Watch the video below;

Video credit: gossipmilltv

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