Odeshie Goes Wrong: Ghanaian youngster tries his gun juju and dies from a gunshot wound [video]

According to reports, a young guy lost his life while testing the effectiveness of the juju (black magic) he had gone to take to protect himself from weapons like knives and guns.

The incident happened in Ayiem, a community in Mpohor district of Western region.
This tragic news was revealed in a video that is going viral on social media, and it is not shocking to some Netizens because gun ownership has become the norm in some rural areas.

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In the video, the young man begged his pals to shoot him in order to gauge the power of the newly learned black magic against firearms. This leads us to conclude that he was a land guard or an armed robber who required that fortification.

The small youngster simply held his stomach after hearing the gunfire before passing out on the ground. They had black magic, but it did not operate as they had imagined.

View the video here;

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