70-year-old woman graduates as best student

Gladys Desbordes-Hill, student, 70, won the top online award for the Advance Diploma in International Relations and Diplomacy at this year’s Crystal Galaxy College of Aviation and Professional Studies graduation, which took place in Accra on May 4, 2024.

In spite of her age, she performed exceptionally well academically and participated actively in school activities, earning her a distinguished award and a certificate of distinction.

Desbordes-Hill reflected on her path and shared her desire to support international diplomacy as well as her steadfast dedication to lifelong learning.

“I always strive to expand my knowledge in this rapidly evolving world. The path wasn’t always smooth, but I’m grateful to have reached this milestone regardless of my age,” she said.

A lecturer at the Department of International Relations and Diplomacy, Kofi Appiah Bempong, lauded Desbordes-Hill’s insatiable thirst for knowledge and her ability to navigate the intricacies of international affairs despite the challenges posed by her age and other life obligations.

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“Desbordes-Hill’s dedication to learning and her adeptness in handling diverse perspectives were truly commendable. Her legacy will endure not only in academia but also in the hearts of all who have had the privilege of knowing her,” he said.

Mrs. Gladys Desbordes-Hill is a renowned expert on grooming and manners. She completed her studies in London, and from the 1970s until the 1990s, she was one of Ghana’s top three fashion designers.

At present, she is the owner of the prestigious Special Grooming and Etiquette School in Achimota. Mrs. Desbordes-Hill is not only a grooming specialist but also the visionary founder of the Talented and ‘A’ Students Foundation, driven by her passion for fostering talent and academic performance.

For exceptionally bright and talented people, our foundation acts as a beacon of support, giving them the tools and chances they need to succeed in their chosen industries.

Gladys Desbordes-Hill encourages people to show the world their best selves through her grooming and manners school, and her foundation demonstrates her commitment to supporting the development of exceptional talent.

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