Driver parked and asked his passengers to use 5 minutes to fear women before they continue their journey [video]

A Kumasi driver gained notoriety after he stopped his car and instructed his passengers to “fear women” for five minutes before continuing their journey.

Sources claim that the driver of the aforementioned car stopped in the middle of their trip from Kumasi to Accra and gave the order.

Women have a reputation for being serial cheats in recent years; they often do so undetected or even do not admit it when they are caught; hence the expression “fear women”.

Many doubts have been raised about the driver’s motivations which resulted in manner he behaved.

Some have suggested that he might be going through a broken heart trauma.

Netizens have reacted to the sixteen seconds video.

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Read some of the netizens reactions to the video below;

@Miezah66“I respect that driver”

@twentyonetrim“Morgan freeman of our time”

@iamaugust8“Even the woman Dey fear women too. Hm”

@opkøenterprise“A special place should be reserved on the Accra, Kumasi high way purposely for this… Very crucial and critical”

@QuophieP“There should be a spot for this on the Kumasi Accra road 🤣🤣

@agya_nkrataa“The brotherhood is very proud of this noble driver. He’ll surely be rewarded!”

Watch the video below;

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