Female teachers shed tears over headmaster’s transfer

There was an emotional scene as female teachers sobbed hysterically over the departure of their cherished headmaster from the school.

In the widely shared video, the headmaster was getting ready to leave the school after being transferred, and a crowd had gathered to wish him farewell.

Several of the female teachers started crying as the scene swiftly descended into emotion. While several got up to give him hugs, others sobbed excessively and comforted one another.

Some people believed that the headmaster must be a really decent man, while others questioned why it was mostly the female teachers who were crying.

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Female teachers shed tears over headmaster’s transfer

Check out some reactions to the video:

naturalboyfilmz noted: “For women to be crying like this, I can swear he’s a great person. It’s not what you think. If you understand women’s psychology, you’ll realize that if he had messed with them, they would have exposed him long before now.. you can’t mess with at least 2 to 3 women in the same space make u no cast.”

UCHENNA said: “If I talk Wetin dey my mind dem fit post me wanted🤐🤐

Chimezie Emmanuel stated: “Them go miss him head, I bet he’s very good. Headmaster for a reason.”

DeHanna asked: “You’re telling me no male teacher is moved??”

Daniel reacted: “We understand why them dey cry but okay”

JANE said: 😂 that woman that sat down and was crying so loud. Has more serious affair than others”

Watch the video below:

Video credit: @MikeSonko

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