Lady arrested at airport for hiding drugs in her wig [video]

A lady has been arrested at the airport for hiding drugs in her wig in a viral video. Making money has grown to be everyone’s top preoccupation. Some people will stop at nothing to ensure that this money is made, including engaging in drug trafficking.

The fact that this unnamed woman was found at the airport with a ton of cocaine hidden beneath her wig shows that she is not an uncommon case.

She has chosen to replace her headdress with drugs instead of a wig.

Although the lady’s location and destination are not mentioned, it is embarrassing for her because she was hiding her face in the video to conceal her identity.

With this most recent development, it’s probable that they may start requesting women to take off their wigs at the checkpoint in order to make sure this horrible deed is not committed.

Lady arrested at airport for hiding drugs in her wig

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View some of the comments made below:

oladunnyy1 said: “Why is she covering her face? Everyday for the thief…… Own your action madam.”

btjay stated: Don’t know what/who made her feel they wouldn’t see it in her wig lol” 😞

Unicorn a declared: “Not her covering her face, Imao you’ve spoilt family name”📛

ladyy jojo shared: “If no be say you be fool, people wey swallow am sef dem dey catch them, wetin make you think say the one wey dey under your wig dey invisible”🥴

Watch the video below:

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