Son of murdered Mujipe chief divulges identity of attackers

The unnamed son of the murdered Chief of Mujipe (Mujipewura) has identified the people who are thought to be responsible for his father’s terrible murder.

JoyNews has been following events in Mujipe, Damongo, and Kakpande, including information from security sources. JoyNews has learned that the deceased’s son was able to name 10 people, including two chiefs, among them.

The names given would help to solve the murder’s mystery, according to a source within the security system.

“Well, initially, when we picked up the chief’s corpse, we didn’t see the son; all we knew was that he was there, horribly hurt. Also, due to his extreme immobility, we assumed he was deceased. Yet when the doctor had treated him, he opened his eyes and was able to speak some hours later. To help us perform a thorough job, we merely hope he has more energy and speaks to us more.

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“No one questioned him, but he started off with names and then stated something that we weren’t able to understand. We then inquired as to his desires. He then mentioned names that I am not now permitted to share with you or the broader public. Yet we are confident that it is a reliable solution.

The investigator responded to JoyNews’ persistent request for the names of the suspected attackers, “But you know very well that I cannot release the names with the media at this time. Because doing so would put the integrity of the investigation in jeopardy and would increase the likelihood that the suspects would either flee or complicate our job.”

According to information obtained by JoyNews from the Jakpa Palace, Yagbonwura Bii-Tunuto Jewu Soale I would call a number of sub-chiefs, including Kakpandewura and elders, to Yagbon on Friday, March 31 to discuss security-related matters in Mujipe.

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