Tears flow as galamseyer got stuck under a heavy stone at a galamsey site [VIDEO]

A video of a galamseyer at a galamsey site being caught under a large stone while bystanders watch and sob has gone viral online.

In a 30-second video acquired by, the young man can be heard wailing for aid while being pinned under a large stone. His companions were diligently clearing the area surrounding the stone so they could securely take him out.

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What was he doing before to becoming impaled by the stone? The young man has not yet been identified.

The government claimed a few days ago that galamsey activity in the nation had decreased, but this is unmistakably evidence that some dishonest citizens are still engaged in it in the absence of sufficient government action to prohibit them. The government’s efforts to combat galamsey have failed.

Watch video below;

Video credit: John Terry Tresh



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