SHS student buys Benz worth millions, sends it to school

A video of a Senior High School student pulling up to class in his fancy Mercedes Benz has gone viral on the internet.

The teenager was seen speeding to school in a video while someone else recorded the pricey whip.

Car salesman @sadiqmotors1 said in a TikTok video that the student used his funds to purchase the pricey vehicle.

In his words: “Wahala. SS3 student bought a Benz and drove it to school,” he captioned the video.

Social media users flocked to the comments area with their ideas.

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Deba said: “You suppose come late go drive am through assembly then park beside principal motor.”

@divine Blue reacted: “Sapele people and their doings.The fact I know this pipeline cause is close to my house.”

PEACE said: “If na me, na in front of principal office I go park am.”

@jiggy said: “Assembly time na I go take come school.”

ASK_OF POOSSeIT said: “Omo nah Assembly ground you suppose to go park am.”

Krist white reacted: “Na front of physics teacher car I go pack am make e speck that there English for me.”

THE FUTURE BILLIONAIRE said: “Fess fess who teach am how to drive.”

@opelogo reacted: “If na me l go pack ham block principal car dem go come call me for class say principal wan comot.”

©Bellapinky_Official reacted: “That teacher wey dey always feel say him get. Na for the front of him class na him i go park am… pas the varenda park for front of him door.”

Watch the video below:

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