Sad moment cow waiting to be slaughtered started crying [video]

A sad video of cow that was waiting to be slaughtered by a butcher has gained notoriety on the internet.

In the nineteen seconds video footage posted by @Aqualady6666 on the microblogging site, X, with the caption “This is a crying Cow waiting to be butchered. Non vegetarians how does this make you feel? 🥺”, the cow is seen shedding tears because it was going to be slaughtered.

While many believed that it shedded tears because it was going to be slaughtered, replied to the tweet;“Contrary to what the authors of this post is trying to claim. There are various reasons that commonly makes a cow eyes water. Even tiny things like seed heads, dust, and pollen can cause bovies. These irritants also cause the eye to water, which further spreads the bateria.”

Many shared their views on the video.

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Check out some of the reactions to the video below:

@_communicator_ wrote: “Na wetin go make am delicious be that”

@drpenking stated: “I know you are kidding but there is a reason God made it in such a way that some animals eat other animals. It checks overpopulation of a single species. For example, if there were no lions to eat antelopes and other herbivores , there wouldn’t be any grass in the world”

@cfc_rock replied jokingly: “The more the tears, the sweeter the beef. !😂😂

@Aaliyah_Lilli commented: “You just know the meat will be tender”

@_FarouqOlami quizzed: “lmaoo he no cry when i dey give am legumes chop, e reach my turn for food chain, he wan use omije gaslight me? knkr 🙏🏽

Watch the video below;

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