Lady expelled from church for dating her twin brother [video]

After being expelled from church for dating her twin brother, the young lady vented her frustrations online.

The lady admitted that although she loves her brother, the religion disapproves of their relationship.

She uploaded a video of herself and her twin brother having a good time as a song was playing in the background.

Internet users questioned if she was serious or making a joke about her admission.

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View some of the responses that followed the post:

@Badiel Ethel said: “This ur story no dey de Bible sef. They go fit edit the bible n add am twins sleeping with each other . una well done”

@wendyshiny reacted: “My dear that’s what happened to me.l left him but it’s not easy cz until now he still says he loves me yet all of us ar twins 😂🤣🤣🤣

@STAINLESS ❤️🌹❤️ enquired: “i just hope say na cruise u dey catch 🥺

@Tehillah ❤️ asked: “does it sound nomal to u??”

@Rachel angel💖 commented: “Am not trying to judge u just want to answer the question and let you know d reason y d church suspended you”

Watch the video below;

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