Lady turns into a cow after having an affair with a married man; shocking video drops

A disturbing video has chanced upon has unknown lady turned into a cow after she apparently slept with someone’s husband.

According to some reports making rounds, she snatched another woman’s spouse and the man’s wife bewitched her when she ascertained about their romance; making her turn into a cow.

In the video, it is seen clearly that her legs turned into that of a cow, whiles she got a tail as well. She was seen sitting on the floor with other women gathered around her, and the women showed her compassion because of what she was going through.

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The lady buried her face towards the floor and could not raise her head which evidently indicates embarrassment and remorse. She had a hard time raising her head to see those around.

The disturbing video has gotten everybody in awe and has served as a warning to other women who have tagged themselves as side-chicks who keep warming the beds of married men. The video was shared by Annmax Brown on twitter.

Watch the video below;  

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