Security guard condemned for a jail term escapes from Police custody

Pius Anundoabil Ayoma, a private security guard who was being held at the Manet Police Station in Accra while awaiting transfer to the Nsawam Medium Security Prison, is wanted by the police.

The defendant was brought before the Accra High Court on allegations of robbing his former employers and attempting to kill them, and on the prosecution’s motion, he was remanded into jail custody.

But, a source familiar with the situation told Daily Guide that the accused left the Manet Police Station early on Thursday and has not yet been found by the authorities.

Pius Anundoabil Ayoma, who resides off the Spintex Road in Accra and works for a private security firm, is said to have been assigned to the couple who are the subject of the complaints in the case, according to prosecuting materials submitted to the court.

He worked as a security guard for the couple until they complained to his (the accused person’s) superior about his stealing small items from their home.

On January 21, 2020, he returned to the complainants’ home and attacked the on-duty security guard there, tying his arms and legs with rope and a neck tie, and hitting him repeatedly with the gun’s butt.

Using a duplicate key, he already had, he then gained entry to the main home and forced his way into the toilet where one of the complainants—the wife—was getting ready for church.

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Then, according to further investigations, he told her to transfer some money from her phone to a cell number that was registered in his name. The accused thereafter beat the complainant and bound her in the room where he kept the security guard after the complainant sent GH2,000 to the number.

The accused proceeded to search the rooms and seize a number of the couple’s possessions, including two iPhones, a Dell laptop, a DSTV decoder, a Subwoofer, a 32-inch Samsung television, and a 55-inch Philip flat-screen television.

According to court documents, Pius Anundoabil Ayoma told the woman to use her phone to call an Uber, which she did. The accused then helped the driver load the stolen goods into the car.

After waiting in ambush for the husband to arrive home from work, he opened fire on him when he attempted to free his wife who was bound to a toilet seat.

The accused then got into the Uber and demanded that the driver drive while holding a gun to the driver’s head. However, during the drive, the accused instructed the Uber driver to stop a taxi for him, where he subsequently transferred his loot.

After learning about the accused’s activities, the police tracked him down to Kassapreko in Accra, where they encountered him in a cab.

The accused, however, managed to flee after pointing a gun at the cops and leaving the loot behind. He later escaped to Fumbisi in the Upper East Region, where he was apprehended after opening fire on the police, injuring some officers.

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