New Curriculum: NaCCA commences inspection of textbooks used in schools

The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) has started inspecting the textbooks used in Accra’s basic schools, both public and private.

The NaCCA officers went to the schools to make sure the texts were approved and compliant with the Standard-Based Education curriculum, the Council’s new curriculum.

The Mantse Tackie Cluster of Schools, Calvary Methodist 1 Basic School, and St. Paul Lutheran Basic School were the three institutions that were visited.

During their travels, the team discovered certain textbooks that weren’t NaCCA certified but were utilized in addition to those of the Council for instruction.

In some cases, the schools brought in people who weren’t NaCCA certified to make up for individuals who weren’t qualified enough to work for the Council.

Because Ghana Education Service (GES) was unable to provide all of the new curriculum books for the schools, the teachers were forced to purchase some textbooks from other publishers to make up the difference.

There were some that had GES or NaCCA approval written on them but weren’t actually certified by the Council.

The team’s leader, Professor Edward Appiah, Director General of NaCCA, explained that the goal was to interact with the schools and educate them about NaCCA-approved textbooks.

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In order to enable them to identify and get rid of unapproved textbooks in the system, he said they will continue the visits and sensitization to more schools and booksellers.

Prof. Appiah made a suggestion that the Council would add QR codes to the approved books so that schools could confirm the legitimacy of the textbooks.

He stated that the country would not allow textbooks to be written by a single author and that three or more authors would be required in addition to contributions for textbooks to be richer.

He continued by saying that the Legislative Instrument that would allow them to impose sanctions on those who issued unapproved textbooks will soon be passed by the Parliament.

In order to address the issues with access to textbooks, Madam Belinda Dede Sefakor-Bulley, Headteacher of Mantse Tackie One and Two Primary, requested to the GES to provide the remaining textbooks to schools.

She claimed that after receiving textbooks from GES in the areas of English, Science, and Mathematics, they were left with only Our World, Our People, History, Religious and Moral Education, Creative Arts, and Computing.

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