New executive officers listed on the GES CoSISOs

To improve effective and efficient outcomes, the Conference of School Improvement Support Officers (CoSISOs) has chosen new National Executive members to oversee CoSISO affairs.

New National Executives were chosen to lead the association’s affairs at the 2nd Delegates Congress Conference of School Improvement Support Officers (CoSISOs), which was held on April 5, 2023, at the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) Hall in Accra.

Dr. Eric Nkansah, Director-General of GES, Mr. Prince Agyemang-Duah, Divisional Director of Schools and Instruction, Mr. Francis Kponvi, former Chairman of CoSISO, and other dignitaries attended the congress.

Three (3) delegates from each of the sixteen (16) regions submitted reports on April 4th, 2023, in advance of the Congress Day (4th April). The outgoing Chairman of the CoSISO, Mr. Francis Kponvi, gave a speech on the appointed date, April 5, 2023, in which he spoke extensively about the accomplishments made possible by his leadership in various fields. His address included topics such as SISO motorcycles, association registration, and monitoring allowance, among others.

Also, he exhorted the incoming Chairmen to be brave, tough, and proactive in advancing the interests of members from the district levels up to the National level. The three (3) Teacher Union leaders also expressed their happiness over the creation of COSISO, Ghana. They also divulged that, among other things, the responsibility and risk allowances are included in the revised condition of service that is set to be submitted for review to the Fair Pay and Salaries Commission.

The Divisional Director for Schools and Instruction, Mr. Prince Agyemang-Duah, also spoke during the Congress. He discussed the only means by which the challenges of the members might be handled in his capacity as chairman of the congress. He revealed that coming together and presenting a united front is the only surefire way for them to get their issues heard.

In order to achieve the best results, Mr. Prince Agyemang-Duah contends that the SISOs are essential to the development of the education sector. All SISOs received assurances from him (Mr. Prince Agyemang-Duah) about the help he and the association will provide for the best result. It was revealed that a standard operating handbook, also known as a (standard operational manual), has been created for SISOs in order to increase efficiency in the education sector.

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He complained that the majority of SISOs do not frequently visit the 2nd cycle institutions that are under their authority. He expressed his displeasure over the lack of supervision of the 2nd cycle institutions. He urged all SISOs to visit secondary schools and provide the necessary support because, in his view, they are pre-tertiary institutions.

Last but not least, Mr. Prince Agyemang-Duah asked SISOs to avoid becoming intimidated while performing their jobs. The leadership was thanked by the DG/CEO of GES, Dr. Eric Nkansah, for the chance to meet all of the SISO delegates for the first time.

Dr. Eric Nkansh also discussed the SISOs’ responsibilities and highlighted their importance in the field of education.

Additionally, he pledged to address the requests that fell under his purview and to forward the rest to the proper places for attending.

He asked the leadership to work with the teacher unions to accommodate some of their requests for negotiation in the interest of empowerment. In response to a query on NST refund, he stated that NaCCA had given the Finance Ministry the PVs for payments and gave the participants the assurance that they would happen quickly.

Elections For National Executives

Officers for managing the association’s affairs were chosen during the delegate’s congress.

Within the following two (2) years, their term of office will expire.

The elected officers are as follows:

1. Chairman- Mr. Francis Essien-Brown.

2. Vice Chairman- Isaac Ouadrago.

3. Secretary- Isaac Appiah Ngissah.

4. Dep Secretary- Abubarkari Mohammed Sani.

5. Treasurer- Mariana Salifu Bakuna.

6. Financial Secretary – Florence Minnah.

7. Organiser – Collins Osei Bonsu.

8. Deputy Organizer – James Darko.

9. PRO – Gloria Narki Boatey

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