Ghana One Teacher One Laptop Program: Distribution Update and Impact

To date, the government has given teachers all throughout the nation 280,903 laptops. This indicates that as of June 2024, 34,562 laptops have not yet been issued.

Graphic Online obtained data on the distribution, which shows that the remaining computers would be distributed between June 15 and July 30, 2024.

21,482 primary school teachers, 3,402 teachers on study leave, and 9,678 employees of the Ghana Education Service (GES) are among the recipients of the exceptional distribution.

In an effort to improve the way that education is delivered through technology, the Ghanaian government introduced the One Teacher One Laptop program, which serves as a reminder of the significance of ICT-mediated Teacher Professional Development (TPD).

The program was started in September 2021 by Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia as part of a bold plan to deliberately affect teaching and learning results in all of the nation’s pre-tertiary educational institutions.

Every public school teacher, from kindergarten through senior high school, will receive a laptop as part of the initiative to help with lesson planning, research, and learning.

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One teacher one laptop mop-up underway, 34,562 laptops to be distributed starting...

Each teacher will pay the remaining 30% of the laptop’s cost, with the government covering the remaining 70%. The laptops are made by a locally owned ICT company called K.A. Technologies.

A portion of teacher organizations expressed dissatisfaction earlier in 2024, claiming that 10,000 of its members had not yet benefited from the scheme, despite the fact that many other instructors had received laptops during earlier distribution phases.

It appears that 92,071 basic school teachers nationwide have received computers thus far, while the project has also helped 91,678 junior high school teachers and 62,292 senior high school teachers.

There are presently 34,859 kindergarten teachers who have been provided with laptops.

With 54,852 beneficiary teachers, the Ashanti Region leads the list regionally. Eastern Region comes in second with 31,892 teachers, Central Region with 27,514 teachers, Greater Accra Region with 22,666 teachers, and Volta Region with 20,584 teachers.

There have only been 3,859 laptops distributed to teachers in the Savanna Region thus far, which is the least amount.

It is anticipated that all public school teachers, including those on study leave and certain GES employees, will have gotten their laptops by July 30, 2024.

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