Students at Ave SHS attack a teacher during prep time

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Students from Ave Senior High School attacked a teacher there. According to eyewitnesses and reports, Mr. Innocent Agblorti, a teacher at Ave-Senior High School in the Volta Region, was attacked by one of his students while giving them advice on how to have a successful outcome.

According to reports, Mr. Innocent Agblorti, who was on duty, observed some kids studying outside of the typical classroom during prep time.

When he got close to the students, he saw that they were two students of the opposite sex under the shadows of a campus tree.

He then made the decision to urge the pupils to follow the right route because their academic work will have a significant impact on their lives (usual advice from Teachers to students).

Sadly, the counsel was “not worth it,” so one of the group’s students threw a stone at the teacher’s head from behind him, knocking him out cold.

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In his statement on the rebellious act, Akporhor Jerry Lead Educator, the founder of Informed Teachers Network, condemned it and demanded that the issue be immediately investigated and the offenders brought to justice.

“We denounce this violent assault committed against a teacher who was merely attempting to maintain order and safety on the school grounds. We demand that the Ministry of Education, the Ghana Education Service, and the school administration look into the event right away and prosecute those responsible.

“It is unacceptable that teachers and other school workers are subjected to such violence and aggression; their safety and security should be a major priority. We urge the authorities to act quickly to prevent a recurrence of this occurrence in any other schools around the nation, he continued.

“We ask the police to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the case and to regularly update the victim and the public on the steps taken to apprehend those guilty for this horrible act. We support Mr. Innocent Agblorti and all other educators who have experienced abuse and violence while performing their jobs. We formally request that the authorities act right away to guarantee the protection and safety of all national educators”.

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