On what basis should a teacher refuse transfer? A dive into GES transfer conditions

According to the law, the Ghana Education Service (GES) is in charge of coordinating and carrying out approved national policies and programmes pertaining to pre-tertiary education.

In light of this, the GES believes it is necessary to codify a few rules that will aid in achieving a higher standard of competency and moral conduct in the service.

The Ministry of Education (MoE) and GES consider teacher rationalization to be one of the most important means of fostering greater standards and competence in the workforce.

For a number of years, the service has been implementing a teacher rationalization project across the nation. The agency does, however, want to remind all teachers that they “must not refuse to go on transfer” in accordance with the GES Code of Conduct for Staffs.

A transfer within the service, in accordance with GES, denotes a change in the staff member’s position or place of employment. This is done in order to transfer teachers from overcrowded schools where their services are not required to empty classrooms.

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Conditions For Ghana Education Service Transfers

The GES makes sure that the teachers who are being transfered receive transportation and transfer grants in accordance with the collective bargaining agreements for the teaching profession.

  • The transfer of two months’ gross pay for each member is required by Section 18:12 of the collective agreements governing the teaching profession.
  • Employees who are transferred at management’s request and for non-disciplinary reasons must be paid transfer allowances at the appropriate rate, and the transfer results in the change of stations and as well as movements of household effect.
  • Even though the employee in question requested the transfer, it is only permitted if the transfer resulted in a change of address and the employee has worked for at least four years in the district in question.
  • Section 18; 3 also states that allowance based on the percentage of monthly gross wage shall be granted to teachers sent to areas identified as deprived.

Several executives claim that the GES is violating service conditions by withholding the money owed to teachers, putting them in an unfair difficulty after transfer.

Some executives said the exercise is admirable, but the facts show that the rights of the impacted teachers are being violated. If their transportation needs and transfer grants are not met, teachers have the authority to refuse transfer in this regard.


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