Koforidua SECTECH and New Juaben SHS’s conflict results in the suspension of 85 students

Following an attack on New Juaben Senior High School teachers and students, the Board and Management of the Koforidua Senior High Technical School (SECTECH) have suspended 85 students indefinitely.

The attack happened on Sunday, May 29, 2023, and it injured the chaplain of New Juaben SHS as well as four other pupils. A machete blow to the skull left another SECTECH student severely paralyzed.

Koforidua SECTECH and New Juaben SHS's conflict results in the suspension of 85 students

Additionally, they vandalized school property, including a bus from Eicher that was parked on campus. Four SECTECH students were detained by police who were summoned to defuse the situation, while six other students were identified as the attack’s planners by the school administration.

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Before the board approved the decision to suspend the 85 students, sources said that the school’s disciplinary committee further questioned each one of them.

Koforidua SECTECH and New Juaben SHS's conflict results in the suspension of 85 students

The majority of final-year students will be permitted to complete their final WASSCE exams, nonetheless. The board also recommended demoting all of the school’s prefects for missing the attack’s warning signs. All students who are found to be responsible after thorough investigations will be required to pay for all objects that were damaged at the New Juaben Senior High School.


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