Girl, 7, killed by miner and spiritualist for rituals

The docket concerning the alleged murder of a young girl, 7, in Wassa Nkyirifi in the Western Region by his uncle Augustine Afari and a spiritualist named Osei Kofi has been forwarded to the attorney general’s office for legal advice.

Police seized two individuals in connection with the alleged killing of a young girl for money rituals: small-scale miner Augustine Afari and spiritualist Osei Kofi, also known as Agya Osei, both 22.

Spendylove Adjei, the deceased child, went to Wassa Nkyirifi D/A Primary School.

The girl was delivered to her grandma Abena Obenewaa, who resides in Wassa Nkyirifi, about eight months ago, according to Spendylove Adjei, the victim’s biological father and a small-scale miner in Wassa Agyakuso.

Spendylove grew ill and was unable to go to school; she passed away on July 21, 2023.

Her grandmother left her in the care of her son, the accused Augustine Afari, as she went to work on a farm.

She returned on the same day about 2:00 pm but couldn’t find the grandchild.

Suspect Augustine Afari acknowledged leaving Spendylove at home to make a purchase when he was questioned. As a result, he is not aware of her location.

When the grandmother searched every nook and cranny of the neighborhood in vain, she was forced to inform the dead girl’s father, who had come to the area to assist in the search.

An assemblyman from the area named Kenneth Boadi was informed about the incident.

He suggested that the family go to the police station and make an official complaint to get Augustine Afari warned.

Around 3 p.m. on the same day, Augustine Afari was detained and taken to Wassa Akropong Police Station.

After denying the allegations made against him during the interrogation, he was granted police investigation bail and freed.

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According to data gathered by Starr News, Augustine Afari confessed to the offender that he had killed his niece Spendylove to Pastor James Coffie Nkansah of Dunkwa-On-Offin on August 1, 2023, who then informed the family and police.

He was instructed to kill her and give her head by the spiritualist Agya Osei in exchange for a ritualistic reward.

The spiritualist also gave him a stone-shaped amulet that he could swallow, and he was told to bring sachet water for the ritual bath.

Augustine claimed that following the ceremonial washing, he was possessed and immediately became angry and bloodthirsty. As a result, when his niece was given to him to take care of because she was sick, he repeatedly hit her with a cutlass until she passed out.

120 meters from their house, suspect Augustine Afari took the body and took her to an abandoned galamsey location in the bush where he beheaded her.

In order to subsequently send the head to the spiritualist as ordered, he dug a hole, buried the headless body in it, wrapped the skull in a black plastic bag, and hid it in a bush.

He was arrested and allowed bail at that time, however, and was unable to transport the victim’s head as planned.

After securing a Police enquiry bail, he sent the victim’s head to the spiritualist the following day at 9:00 pm. However, he was told to bring it back and bury it where the victim’s corpse was buried because the money ceremony would not be effective.

The psychic and Augustine Afari were both detained after being detained and transported to the Wassa Akropong Police station.

The discovered body and its parts were brought to the mortuary for further inspection.

The court has charged and remanded the two defendants, and the docket has been sent for advice to the office of the Attorney General.

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