Four Tarkwa SHS students earn scholarships from TARPSA

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As part of the school’s 60th anniversary celebrations, the Tarkwa Senior High School Past Students Association (TARPSA), which is based in North America, gave four of its recent graduate’s college scholarships.

The scholarship was intended to help deserving Tarkwa Senior High School (TARSCO) graduates pay for their tuition and other educational expenses.

Eugene Agyiri and Abigail Acheampong, both from the Visual Arts department, were two of the recipients of the AcManuel Family Scholarship grant, which was supported by the Ackumey Brothers (BrothAC) Foundation. They each got full tuition as a result.

The Grace Karikari Scholarship Award, which honors and supports students from single-parent family homes as a result of the passing of one or both parents, provided funding to Charles Asare and Benjamin Afful as well as the other two beneficiaries.

The difficulties the association of North America’s leadership encountered in gathering money for the 60th anniversary, according to Nelsonyoung AcManuel, president of TARPSA in North America, made the plan imperative.

He claimed that TARSCO did not provide any financial aid to help its poor students pursue higher education; as a result, the majority of vulnerable students either suffered through college or did not pursue higher education, which made it challenging for them to give back to their alma mater.

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Most TARSCO students may find the rising expense of higher education to be a burden, according to Mr. AcManuel, who also said that “a scholarship program may be required to fill the financial gap for some families by offering financial support for students who need help to get a college degree.”

He advised the winners of the awards to use them wisely, to be happy with the high school they attended, and to give back to their alma mater in a variety of ways.

Naomi Karikari-Danso, the TARPSA North America Scholarship Coordinator and the program’s creator, claimed to have gained a better understanding of the significance of alumni-funded scholarships for students at elite institutions like Harvard, Yale, Cambridge, Stanford, and many other American colleges.

She therefore believed that implementing a scholarship program for TARSCO students funded by alumni would help increase the level of educational support for the school’s current and future students and, in turn, help produce more capable and successful TARSCO alumni who would support the school’s future generations.

She intimated that TARPSA North America would be providing final-year TARSCO students with alumni-funded scholarship programs so they could apply and receive financial assistance for their postsecondary study.

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