Revised Basic 7-9 Curriculum; Draft Zero Versions no longer in use

The present curriculum has been reviewed in accordance to the national priority of changing the structure and subject matter of the educational system from merely passing exams to developing character, fostering values, and producing literate, self-assured, and engaged citizens.

The Common Core curriculum was first published as draft zero by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA), which was followed by their finalisation with a number of modifications. However, a few teachers continue to use the curriculum’s draft zero iterations rather than the finished products.

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It is not advised to use draft zero versions of a curriculum because they represent the first attempt to put the curriculum’s concepts in writing and are subject to swift revisions. The NaCCA website’s Common Core Curriculum page is where educators are urged to go to download the most recent versions of the curriculum.

What Are Some Notable Changes in the Draft Zero Versions, and How Do I Know I Have Them?

A large watermark will be present on the draft zero versions to identify them as such and distinguish them from the final version. Based on the Basic 8 and 9 Computing curriculum, one of the noticeable modifications I have noticed is. The fifth generation of computers were to be taught in Basic 9 in the draft zero version. But in the final version, educators are required to cover that subject in Basic 8. It was the fourth generation of computers in Basic 8.

In this sense, the final edition served as the foundation for our computing lesson plan, which was published on our website for teachers. Due to their use of the draft versions, a sizable number of teachers have contacted us via our different social media sites regarding a potential inaccuracy in the Basic 8 Computing lesson notes. Interactions with these educators revealed that they continue to use draft rather than the finished products.

For these modifications, see the photos below:


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